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Aquarius if you are ready for mystery look to Scorpio.

Anonymous said: Why is sex between a male scorpio and female aquarius so intense and passionate and aggressive, from both of them? like... dayuuum.


they’re freeeeaaaaakky together. aquarius knows exactly how to ripple the still, deep water of scorpio. scorpio’s possessive and intense signs are catalyzed by kinky, flirty aquarius. 





The only thing Aquarius will ever force on someone else is the truth.


How Scorpio See’s a Relationship:Deepness and passion are two keywords that come up when you talk about a Scorpio in love. Scorpio wants a love that is consuming. At first a Scorpio may see a relationship as two people getting to know each other and being fascinated by one another. When real love gets involved Scorpio see’s a relationship as something completely different. When in love Scorpio can become highly jealous and controlling. They also have a vindictive and manipulative side. This all comes with their need to dive into the darkness and realities of love. A Scorpio needs to remember how to float on the surface with the positive sides of love. They need to learn how to let go so that their “bird” will fly back. Scorpio can be highly compassionate and sacrificing in love and needs to nurture these aspects. Ultimately Scorpio see’s a relationship as two people being completely intimate with each other. A relationship is taking risks and learning more about ones self.

How Aquarius See’s a Relationship:Most Aquarius  believe love should be free. Love is not something to be hoarded or fought over. Love shouldn’t have to be earned or something that is rare. Aquarius don’t believe that love is not special but their sense of love might not be as romantic as other people’s version of love. Aquarius see’s love as an adaptable feeling. You can love your friend, your family, and your partner. They might be expressed differently but at its root it is still love. For Aquarius love is caring about people’s well-being and their future. It is support and strength. Aquarius can lack in reassurance, intimacy, and romance but they give their full respect to a lover. Aquarius will hold their partner’s independence and individuality highly. Aquarius wants a lover to be able to take care of themselves but know that the Aquarius will always care about them and be there for them. Aquarius holds the bonds of fellowship higher than any other relationship type. Ultimately Aquarius see’s a relationship as two people connecting as human beings and being able to share a part of life’s journey together.


people tell scorpios secrets with their eyes and not their mouth
and the scorpio picks up the language of the soul

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